This place is us: an exhibition of new paintings by Luciana Rosado

An oil painting hanging on a corridor wall, others visible behind it

A new exhibition of paintings by artist Luciana Rosado is on display throughout Newnham until Michaelmas term.

This place is us includes over 20 works created by the artist during her collaboration with Dr Mezna Qato and Dr Georgia Cole, researchers in the Margaret Anstee Centre.

Rosado worked with Dr Qato and Dr Cole to study the theme of forced migration and the concepts of identity, home and belonging. The resulting artworks, created over two years, explore identity, aspiration, failure, and hope.

Each canvas has a short text inscribed onto the paint: the words of refugees, carefully selected by Rosado after her discussions with Dr Qato and Dr Cole.

“my intention is to create a visual prompt for us to reflect on our own sense of belonging, memory and place.”

As Rosado explains: “By gathering and selecting their words from sources including podcasts, documentaries, interviews and news articles, my intention is to create a visual prompt for us to reflect on our own sense of belonging, memory and place. And to consider the possible sense of guilt, shame and loss which are attached to being a migrant – the one that is transient, who moves and shifts between places.”

The exhibition, organised by Newnham’s Curator Laura Dennis, is on show in various spaces throughout the College, rather than a display in a single location. As College members walk through Newnham’s buildings and corridors, they will discover new works and new prompts for reflection.

The fragmentation of 2020 played an important role in Rosado’s painting process which became visually more concerned with the concept of resilience. The paintings are stitched and collaged together, built with layers upon layers of previous failed work. They reflect our collective efforts in utilising the resources we have, and in working together.

Rosado holds a Degree in Painting-Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon and participates regularly both in individual and group exhibitions, in the UK and in Portugal. She represented Portugal in the touring European Biennale Jeune Creation Europeenne. Her most recent UK exhibition was at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, where she exhibited at the 2019 Cambridge Show.

A programme of events, talks and workshops are taking place to accompany the exhibition. These will be announced through Newnham News and the College website throughout the year.

The Artist-Researcher Collaborator scheme was initiated by portrait artist and Newnham alumna Clara Drummond. Luciana Rosado is our second Artist to participate in the scheme, following Anna Ilsley.