Whether you want to enjoy one of our weekly lunchtime recitals, attend a conference, get invaluable advice at a careers workshop, see a play staged or learn something new at our Pudding Seminars, there’s always something going on at Newnham.

Pudding Seminar: Tasnuva Ferdous Ming Khan (MCR), ‘Under the sea: Ecosystem structure of Antarctic seafloor invertebrates in the modern oceans and in the fossil record’

Marine seafloor communities surrounding Antarctica are unique, with soft-bodied suspension-feeding animals dominating the structure, and a rarity of shell crushing predators like sharks or rays. Benthic (seafloor) habitats include shallow muddy shelves, deep water…

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Pudding Seminar: Shaaroni Wong (PhD), title tbc

All staff, students, and senior members are very warmly invited to attend the Pudding Seminars. Talks usually last between 20-25 minutes, followed by time for questions, comments and discussion before we finish at 1.50pm,…

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