Libraries across Cambridge

There are over 100 libraries to explore in Cambridge.

Most students will belong to at least three libraries during their time at the University: their college library, their departmental library, and the University Library (the UL).

College libraries have general and diverse collections, catering mainly to undergraduate reading lists across all the Tripos papers. These are the libraries that are often the most convenient, closest to home, with the longest opening hours, and designed to serve members of their own college.

Faculty and departmental libraries are more subject specialist and are dedicated to serving their own faculty or department. The Library Essentials guide and Cambridge Libguides provide an introduction to various departmental and faculty libraries and their resources. Some of these are ‘hub’ libraries that provide resources to support several different subjects and a range of flexible study spaces and co-working facilities. For example, the West Hub.

The University Library is a copyright library, which means that it receives a copy of every book published in the UK as a legal deposit, either in print or digitally. The Libraries Lowdown playlist guides you through essential tips for visiting the UL. The UL provides information for disabled library users online, and offers a range of assistive technologies.

This video introduces libraries around the University to new students. Visit Cambridge Libraries Gateway for links to everything you need to know about Cambridge libraries and e-resources across the University. You can find more information about study skills, resources, and databases available across the University through Cambridge Libguides.