Eleni Kanellas


Director of Communications (Wednesday-Friday)

College Roles

  • Director of Communications (Job Share)


Email: eleni.kanellas@newn.cam.ac.uk, communications@newn.cam.ac.uk


Newnham’s Communications Office is about college communications in its broadest sense. Yes, we’re creating engaging alumnae publications, writing a prospectus that attracts great students, running social media, and overseeing the website. Most crucially, we are here to help people within College communicate – with each other and the outside world. That may mean working with students and staff to ensure that routine information and procedures are clear. It may mean working with an academic to manage unexpected media attention or helping them prepare for a major interview about their research. We balance long-term project management with the unexpected requests that come in every day.

Eleni Kanellas works Wednesday to Friday and shares the role with her job share partner Harriet Truscott, who works Monday to Wednesday.

If the Communications Office can help you, please get in touch: communications@newn.cam.ac.uk.