A busy Alumni Festival

This month we held our College reunions, talks and activities as part of the University Alumni Festival and hosted 145 alumnae who matriculated in 1968, 1983, 1993, 2002 and 2003 for the reunion dinner in Clough Hall.  Fellow Dr Sam Lucy gave her talk on the Trumpington Bed Burial on the work to reconstruct the face of the Trumpington Girl and what these local archaeological finds can tell us about how ancient people in Cambridgeshire lived.

A major highlight of the Festival is The Newnham Conversation, which this year featured Fellow Emerita Dr Gill Sutherland and Honorary Fellow Professor Mary Beth Norton in a discussion entitled ‘History and its Uses’.  At the event Professor Norton shared her own ground-breaking research on the context for the Salem witch trials to demonstrate the importance of historical enquiry to better understand the past.

She explained how she chose to study the Salem trials as they were a rare historical event in which women were key players. But she turned her attention away from the trials and women who are accused, and instead looked at the accusers and judges.
You can read more about the event here on our website