The Roll Committee

The Roll Committee is a group of volunteers, elected by members of the Roll, who meet to organise activities to keep members in touch with one another and with College.

The Roll Committee’s mission is to “keep the alumnae in contact with one another and with Newnham College in order to provide friendship and support, to promote Newnham College and assist its development”. Every Newnham alumna automatically becomes a Roll Member and the Roll Committee represents them.

We are a group of alumnae volunteers who organise activities to support the work of the Roll and Development Office. The Committee arrange alumnae events (such as garden parties and family days) and contribute to new initiatives in College (such as the 20th century history archives). If you have any suggestions for initiatives that the Committee could undertake, please email the Development Office. A number of regional convenors bring Newnham alumnae together in different parts of the UK and the globe. They are invited to every bi-annual meeting of the Roll Committee and also support the Principal and Development Director in keeping in touch with alumnae around the world.

If you’d like to join us in shaping alumnae activities, why not put your name forward for the Committee? Members of the Roll Committee are elected by Roll Members at the Roll AGM, held on the Saturday of Commemoration weekend each spring. Members serve for three years and can be re-elected for a second term. There are two meetings a year in College, both on Saturday mornings, one at Commemoration in late March/April and one at the Alumni Festival on the third weekend in September. The Principal joins us to update us on College matters and College provides us with lunch. A room can be provided for alumnae who travel a long distance.

Please send details of why you would like to join the Committee along with a brief biography, to the Development Office.

Annette Spencer
President of the Roll Committee