Why I Give

Newnham is uniquely fortunate in having such supportive and loyal alumnae – a fantastic 43% of you made a gift to our Changing Lives Campaign.

Ruth Shin

Ruth Shin (NC 2007)

Giving to Newnham is my way of saying thank you. My time at the College was extremely special and gave me the confidence to navigate post-university life. I donate to support existing students, to ensure that they too are free to pursue their passions without the worry of financial difficulty. I encourage other alumnae to consider giving; even a small amount will go a long way, and donating is a tangible means of keeping a connection long after graduation.

Liz Coupe

Liz Coupe (NC 1986)

I was inspired to endow The Stuart Coupe bursary fund, in memory of my father, to help students in need of financial support. Support, however modest, can have an impact on an individual level as is clear from the heartening letters and cards I have received from students. Receiving these, and knowing that my contributions have made a real difference to a student going through a difficult time, or who might otherwise not have had access to a particular educational opportunity, gives me pleasure and satisfaction.

Joanna Buckenham

Joanna Buckenham (NC 1980)

After graduating I gave a small regular donation to the College as I went straight in to a job and I knew that by pooling small gifts the College could do some interesting projects. Over time I’ve increased this as I am keen Newnham holds its own among the other Colleges. By this I don’t just mean the financial support we can offer to students (which is vital, of course) but I also think we should have the ability – and flexibility – in our funding to look at ways to improve what we already have and what we can offer in the future.

Alex Barker (NC 2002)

Newnham taught me that every opportunity is there for the taking. Now working in some of the most deprived communities in the UK, I meet young people devoid of aspiration and without any belief further education or employment would be right for them. Cambridge is beyond their imagination. I give to the Access Fund because Newnham is working to break down these barriers. The hard work in promoting the College as an accessible place for women of all backgrounds to study, is close to my heart.