How to Give

There are many easy ways you can support Newnham and make your gift count. We are always happy to work with you to find the best option for you.

You can make a single gift or a recurring gift by credit card using this link:

Make a gift online

Or increase the impact of your gift and help the College to plan for the future by setting up a regular gift by Direct Debit or CAF account. These are processed by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) on behalf of the College and your gifts will appear in your bank statement as “Charity donation”.

Set up a regular gift by Direct Debit

If you would like to work with the College on a major development project, please contact the Development Director, Sarah Carthew on or 01223 335789. She will be delighted to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration.

Donation Forms

Using our printable donation form or our editable donation form you can set up a Regular Gift by Direct Debit or make a one-time donation by cash, cheque, bank transfer, CAF Charity Card or Voucher.
Please send your donation form to the Development Office by post or email to so that we are able to direct your gift to the area of College that you would like to support.
To make a Single or Regular Gift by credit card please contact the Roll & Development Office on +44 (0)1223 335757 or make your gift online.

Gift Aid

If you pay tax in the UK, all gifts qualify for basic rate income tax relief through the Gift Aid Scheme. All you need to do is to tick the Gift Aid box when you give online or complete the Gift Aid Declaration on the donation form. This enables Newnham to recover tax relief over and above your actual donation equal to the basic rate of tax. So if you give a donation of £1,000 to Newnham it is worth £1,250. If you are a higher rate tax payer then you may also claim relief equal to the higher rate of tax through your income tax return – this relief goes to you as the taxpayer rather than to the College.

Our Gift Aid form can be found here.

Give As You Earn

If you are employed in the UK, your employer may operate the Give as You Earn Scheme. Giving through your payroll has the advantage that payments are made out of your gross income before tax is taken – a significant saving to you. Useful information is available at

Company Matched Funding

It is worth asking whether your company operates a Matched Funding Scheme as this can double the value of your gift to Newnham. If the company that you work for operates a Matched Funding Scheme, you need provide your company’s HR office with the official confirmation of your gift to Newnham (which you will receive via email or in the post) and they will then action the matching request.

Gift of shares

UK taxpayers – both individuals and companies – can get income tax relief on gifts to charities such as Newnham. You can claim tax relief equal to the market value of the shares on the day you make the gift plus associated costs such as brokerage fees. The relief is set against your Income Tax for that year, at the top rate of tax on your Self-Assessment or Corporation Tax return. An additional benefit is that you will not have to pay Capital Gains Tax on any increase in the value of the shares since you brought them as the transfer to a charity is not deemed to have realised any gain. If you would like to make a donation of shares please contact the Development Office for more information. Please note our strong recommendation is that you consult your financial adviser as the benefits to you will depend upon the capital growth of the shares you intend to donate and your own tax situation

Overseas donations

Donors from overseas can in many cases donate in a tax-efficient manner; see below for details on how to give if you live in Europe, the US or Canada.

  • Europe
    We are registered with Transnational Giving Europe and have an online portal for tax-efficient donations from Europe. If your country does not appear in the dropdown list, please check the Transnational Giving Europe website for a list of participating countries and the contact details for the TGE representative in your country.
  • USA
    You can give to Newnham through Cambridge in America (CAm) which is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organisation that funds grants benefiting the University and Colleges. It is recognised by the US Internal Revenue Service so you can claim your donation against tax. Further information can be found at
  • Canada
    You can give to Newnham through the University of Cambridge who will issue you with a Canadian Tax Receipt. Please email our team at to request full details.

Gifts in kind

Newnham has been lucky to benefit from gifts in kind, such as furniture, rugs, pictures, silver, books and manuscripts. If you are interested in making a gift of this nature please contact the Development Office and we can send you some guidance notes.

For more information about giving please contact the Roll and Development Office via or on 01223 335757.

Donations Ethics Policy

We are very grateful for the support received from alumnae and other supporters. Newnham College is an independent charitable body, and like all charities, needs to be accountable, transparent and show integrity. We therefore have a Donations Ethics Policy to act as an objective set of guidelines which can be used in discussion with a donor if there is any question over whether a donation can be made.

Fundraising Promise

Newnham is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.  See our Fundraising Promise.