On Saturday 17 February 2018, an audience of some 100 alumnae, College members and local Newnham residents heard from inspiring speakers at TEDxNewnham, the first TEDx organised by a Cambridge College.

See below for more information about the day itself and our aims for TEDxNewnham.

TED, standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design, is an organisation devoted to ideas worth spreading on all topics – from science and business to global issues, art, philosophy and music – usually in the form of short, powerful talks and performances. TEDxNewnham was a day of short inspirational presentations, around the theme of ‘Embracing Challenge’.

What happened on the day?

You can read some first-hand accounts of preparing for TEDxNewnham from the organisers, audience members and others here, watch a short video about the day by Julie Sarmiento Ponce (NC 2014) here or read about the day itself and see some pictures of the event here.

Where can I see the TEDxNewnham talks?

You can watch the TEDx talks from TEDxNewnham on YouTube, by searching for ‘TEDxNewnham’

Who spoke at TEDxNewnham?

You can see the list of speakers at TEDxNewnham here.

What was the aim of TEDxNewnham?

We had five key aims for TEDxNewnham and its legacy:

  • To connect the College, its Fellows, students and alumnae with each other and with the wider Newnham community.
  • To celebrate the talents, experiences and ambitions of all those associated with Newnham.
  • To build on the College’s legacy of outreach.
  • To inspire discussion and promote change through the power of ideas to alter attitudes and lives.
  • To create a resource: a searchable online archive for teaching, research, inspiration and community-building.

What is the Wall of Women?

Many of the alumnae and current students who have applied to be speakers submitted videos sharing their memories of Newnham College and the experiences and knowledge that they would love to share with the next generations of Newnhamites: you can watch these on our Wall of Women. We think the Wall of Women is an amazing testament to the extraordinary women that have called Newnham their home, and shows the extraordinary possibilities of TEDxNewnham.