Information on visiting the College.

Newnham is an open College and we are delighted for our alumnae to visit. Please let the Porters know who you are when you arrive at the Porters’ Lodge, and if you have time pop into the Development Office as we would love to see you.

Over the years we have received a number of queries as to when alumnae can bring their children into College and whether they would be welcome. The Roll Committee felt that it would be helpful to have a public statement which confirmed that we would be happy to welcome children when appropriate. As we are sure you understand, Newnham’s priority is to be a place of education, learning and research, and this requires a quiet environment. If you are proposing a visit with younger children please contact the Development Office in advance to check that your proposed time of visit does not clash with anything (we do ask, for example, not to visit during exam term when the students are revising). We ask that you take full responsibility for your children and remain with them at all times. Please also ensure that they do not make a lot of noise and respect our lovely surroundings.

College values motherhood and has worked with the Roll Committee to establish the Newnham Family Forum. This group aims to have two events each year; the first is a picnic in the gardens to which children are very welcome, and at which specific activities suitable for their age will be organised; the second is an annual lecture to which alumnae interested in exploring parenting, work/life balance, education and outreach are encouraged to come (without their children).

Those returning for their reunions at Commemoration or the University Alumni Festival are very welcome to bring their children to enjoy the gardens on the Saturday afternoon. Again we ask that their parents remain with them at all times and ensure that they are considerate of others who may be returning without children. We also ask that children do not come in to the buttery for tea for the same reason and that they leave the grounds by 5.30pm. There will also be other family events where children are invited and this will be made clear on the invitation.