Dr Rachael Padman

BEng (Hons) (Monash), PhD (Cantab)

Fellow Emerita, Director of Studies

Picture of Rachael Padman

College Roles

  • Fellow Emerita
  • Director of Studies in Natural Sciences Physical (Parts II & III, selected)

University Roles

  • University Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics


Email: rp11@cam.ac.uk

Picture of Rachael Padman


Rachael Padman did her first degree in Electrical Engineering, at Monash University. She then worked for two years at CSIRO Division of Radio physics in Sydney, doing research on antennas for radio astronomy, before coming to the Cavendish for her PhD in mm-wave astronomy and instrumentation. She held an 1851 Research Fellowship, and then spent two years in Berkeley as a Miller Research Fellow, before returning to the Cavendish in 1984 as Deputy Project Scientist for the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii. She was appointed a University Lecturer in 1998, and since 2005 has been primarily involved in the administration of teaching in the Department of Physics.

Research Interests

Millimetre wave optics and receiver systems; Low-mass star formation, and in particular jets and outflows from young stars; Spectral-line data reduction software.

Research Group – Astrophysics

Selected Publications

  • R.Padman, S.J.Bence, J.S.Richer. (1997). ‘Observational properties of molecular outflows’;. Invited review in Herbig-Haro flows and the birth of low-mass stars, ed B.Reipurth and C.Bertout. Proc. IAU Symposium 182, Chamonix, France, 20-24 January 1997. pp 123-140.
  • R.Padman (1995). ‘Optical fundamentals for array feeds’. Invited review in Multifeed Systems for Radio Telescopes, D.T. Emerson and J.M. Payne (Eds). ASPConf. Series., 1.
  • G.J.White, R.Padman (1992). ‘First images of atomic carbon in the interstellar medium’ Nature, Vol 354, p511
  • N.D.Parker, R.Padman, P.F.Scott. (1991). ‘Outflows in dark clouds: their role in protostellar evolution’. MNRAS, Vol 252, p442
  • R.Padman, D.A.Green, A.N.Lasenby. (1990). ‘Jets in our Galaxy’ Chap.10 of the book Astrophysical Jets, in the CUP Monographs on Physics series, P. Hughes (Ed)
  • R.Padman, J.A.Murphy, R.E.Hills. (1987).’Gaussian mode analysis of Cassegrain antenna efficiency’ IEEE Trans. Ant. Prop’n., AP35, p1093