Dr Margarida Rodrigues

Licenciate (Lisbon/Portugal), PhD (Lisbon/Portugal)

Special Supervisor, Assistant Tutor, Postgraduate Mentor

College Roles

  • Special Supervisor in Biology of Cells
  • Assistant Tutor (Undergraduates)
  • Postgraduate Mentor

University Roles

  • Research Manager, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
  • Affiliated with PDN, Gurdon Institute and Department of Physics


Telephone: (0)1223 3764071

Email: mr682@cam.ac.uk


I am Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge working in the field of neurodegeneration. My research aims to determine the composition of the toxic species responsible for neuronal loss in Parkinson’s disease along with the development of early diagnosis methods. Outside research, I am interested in understanding the best ways to get scientific knowledge reach policy-making agencies and stakeholders. I have also been involved in many outreach events such as the European Researchers’ Night (Lisbon) and Science Lates (Science Museum, London). Music and contemporary dance are my artistic passions. I studied recorder at the Lisbon Conservatory and attended contemporary dance classes for 8 years.