Laidlaw scholars publish research papers

Newnham’s Laidlaw scholars Jasmine Crosbie, Alex West, Caitlin McIntosh and Anna Metzger have published their summer research reports, which are now available to read online. Their research cover topics including asexuality and mental health, violence against gender minorities, anticancer therapies and optimistic reflection upon our better nature.

The scholarship programme aims to produce the leaders of tomorrow, receive mentoring and learn research skills and is generously funded by Lord Laidlaw and the Irvine Laidlaw Foundation. There are 11 scholars in total across Newnham, Murray Edwards, Trinity Hall and Fitzwilliam colleges and the programme will be recruiting soon for this year’s cohort.

“Having the opportunity to design, organise, and conduct a research project during my first year of university has been an extremely valuable and exciting experience,” Alex West told us. “I have explored areas that fall outside the scope of my Philosophy course and have developed skills that I know I will apply in various areas of my life.

“As part of my research, I worked in a primary school leading activities and classes. This experience has influenced me to consider teaching as a direction in the future. I have gained a lot of confidence from the programme so far and am very grateful to have been able to access everything this scholarship has offered.”

The scholars also recently attended the annual Laidlaw Conference, this year hosted by Trinity College Dublin and the University of Toronto .

(Top photo by Dasha Tenditna, bottom photo by Sarah Carthew)