Meet the Callers

Read more about the fifteen current Newnham students who enjoyed talking to you during the 2021 Telephone Campaign.

Being part of the calling team is an inspiring two weeks for current students who are keen to learn from the life experiences of our talented alumnae. During the campaign, some calls are screened for training purposes to help ensure our student callers are receiving the necessary support.

Here are a few fun facts about the fifteen students in this year’s calling team.

Aatqa (NC 2020) - Medicine

I was born in Scotland (Glasgow to be specific) but have been living in England for the past few years which explains my funky accent. I love to rollerblade around Cambridge in my free time, and am currently learning how to skateboard which includes a lot of falling over. Despite being a medic, I love to read just about anything. I’m really interested in the medical humanities so anything which sheds a light on the human condition is bound to be a page turner for me. My favourite colour is lilac and my MBTI type is INFJ.

Amy (NC 2019) - Classics

I’m one of the current captains of Newnham College Boat Club (alongside Beth) and I absolutely love rowing! My favourite colour is purple and I really enjoy baking, especially cakes and cookies.

Beth (NC 2019) - Engineering

I’m completely obsessed with rowing and NCBC but I also do a lot of other sports including netball, hockey and dancing! I’ve danced on stage in a professional pantomime and have also been on stage with Pasha from Strictly Come Dancing!! I love all animals and want to work to help stop climate change in the future.

Katia (NC 2019) - English

I have two cats that I adore, I am an avid cross stitcher and love to embroider, I have worked in two libraries, I am Welsh, I love reading and am co-founder of Newham Book Club, I write and present a podcast with other Newnhamites.

Katrina (NC 2018) - Psychological & Behavioural Sciences

I am learning British Sign Language and I love playing dungeons and dragons – sometimes I try and combine them! I wrote a musical and played a method actor playing a cow in a film during lockdown.

Kitty (NC 2020) - Psychological & Behavioural Sciences

I’m a cat and dog lover, I enjoy hiking at home in the Lakes and would love to travel to Italy! I speak Arabic, love Indian, Thai and Lebanese food and enjoy baking.

Lottie (NC 2019) - English

I’m currently Newnham’s JCR President, I also love creative writing and run Newnham’s Poetry Soc! When I’m not doing College work, I enjoy wild swimming and playing wheelchair rugby.

Marcella (NC 2019) - Music

I love going to museums and concerts, watching films, and sewing clothes for myself and my friends.

Mia (NC 2019) - Classics

I’m from the wonderful seaside town of Brighton. I love learning about art and procrastinating writing my essays by taking trips to the Fitzwilliam Museum or even sneaking off to London to visit the Tate. When I discover a new song I usually listen to it endlessly on repeat until I can never listen to it again. I enjoy taking long walks (when the weather permits) and meeting new people. One of my favourite things to do is visit flee markets and bric o brac stores, picking up odd curiosities to add to my collection of clutter at home!

Niamh (NC 2020) - MML

I am a big cat person who also enjoys running and reading (normally about German history). In my spare time I’m learning Russian and Greek!

Sanah (NC 2020) - History

I have been fortunate enough to have participated in volunteering and social action campaign initiatives, on a wide range of causes, for a number of years now. Indeed, I believe that learning from one another’s campaigning, lobbying and proposals is really important, on many levels; be it local, regional, national, international. Campaigning has shown how working harmoniously together can lead to projects being incredibly successful.

Sarah (NC 2020) - Human, Social, & Political Sciences

I have a summer job at a children’s museum – things that feature in my workplace include a giant bed, a red bus only big enough for one person and a wardrobe that goes to Narnia! When not at Newnham I live in Oxford.

Sasha (NC 2018) - Modern & Medieval Languages

I love dogs, long countryside walks, and dance – I once got to live my Strictly dream by dancing at Blackpool! My ideal afternoon would be spent in a cosy spot with a good book and a big mug of tea!

Sophie (NC 2020) - Natural Sciences

I love theatre and was actually in a show at the National Theatre in London and created a show for the Edinburgh Fringe! When I was younger I was desperate to be a fashion designer and I make some of my own clothes and do a lot of embroidery – I’m now hoping Material Science could lead into high-tech fashion. I’ve just started college lacrosse despite being horrendously unsporty and absolutely loving it!

Tara (NC 2020) - Human, Social, & Political Sciences

Cats and dogs but mostly cats! Before coming to Cambridge to study politics I worked for a year in London as a nurse. I love to paint and you could see some of my work this summer on St. Johns Street at GallerieV.