Meet the Callers

Read more about the current Newnham students who will enjoy talking to you during the 2022 Telephone Campaign:

Being part of the calling team is an inspiring two weeks for current students who are keen to learn from the life experiences of our talented alumnae. During the campaign, some calls are screened for training purposes to help ensure our student callers are receiving the necessary support.

Here are a few fun facts about the students in this year’s calling team:


Hello! My name is Aamina, an incoming second year student studying Human, Social and Political Sciences. Before starting university, I took a gap year, which I spent working for the Alzheimer’s Society and teaching Arabic. In my free time, I enjoy reading and exploring new places 😊


I’m Aatqa, a third-year medical student intercalating in History and Philosophy of Science. Alongside my studies I am the president of the university’s Medical Humanities Society, an interdisciplinary student society looking at the intersection between the Arts, Social Sciences and Medicine, and Interfaith Officer for the Islamic Society. Returning for my second telephone campaign this year, I’m even more excited to connect with alumna!


I’m one of two Vice-Presidents on the JCR, and I’m passionate about my role representing the college community and trying to make it more inclusive and sustainable. I love to knit and sew, and I make lots of my own clothes. I’m also involved with running Newnham’s Environmental Justice Society, and occasionally play badminton for the college!


I’m currently JCR Green Officer and very interested in all things environmental. I also love debating, swimming, and playing college netball!


I’m Ella, a 4th year MML student. I have just returned from my year abroad in Paraguay and Brazil and am very excited to be going back to Newnham and the dance and theatre community at Cambridge. I’m looking forward to speaking to alumni and reconnecting to Newnham’s legacy of strong women!


I’m an international student from Sydney, Australia in my second year of studying English. Before uprooting my life to commence my studies at Cambridge, I had never once set foot in Europe before, and I am very eager to continue exploring this side of the world! Beyond my passion for literature that is nourished through my degree, I am interested in television, film, theatre, and fashion.


I was born in Brazil and moved to London at a young age, but I have grown up eating Brazilian food, eating traditional dishes and listening to bossa nova. I love spending time outdoors and travelling with my family. I often spend my free time reading, baking and watching movies!


I love playing hockey for both the university and college team and this year I’m going to be on the CUHC committee as the LGBTQ+ officer! I also enjoy cooking and sometimes host homemade pasta and cocktail nights for my friends. I’ve recently done lots of wild swimming and my favourite thing to do at Newnham is sit reading and watching the sunset from my window-seat.


My name is Lara and I am a second year English student from Northern Ireland. In Newnham, I enjoy going to book club and poetry society and help lead the Cambridge branch of the Student Christian Movement, a queer-affirming Christian organisation. I also write and edit for the Lifestyle section of Varsity.


Hello! I’m Magdalena, a second-year English student at Newnham. I love our college, and am very excited to be involved in this campaign.


I saw two mugs together in a Kettle’s Yard window display: one said, “everything is art” and the other, “everything is politics”. As an incoming second year Politics student, I’ve never seen myself more aptly described than in them both! I love writing (mostly about fashion), reading (Jane Austen and Joan Didion are my go-tos) and watching film & TV (especially if it’s grainy and nostalgic).


I love all things arts and crafts and am always on the hunt for new mediums to explore – this summer I finally learned how to crochet, and I am now the proud owner of several handmade soft toys! I also love the theatre scene here at Cambridge; I am on the committee for the CU Light Entertainment Society and thoroughly enjoy working and performing with such talented people in order to raise money for many different charities


I’m a third year undergraduate history student, currently writing my dissertation on the role of college sport protests in the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. Away from my degree, I am a big sports fan. As well as being one of the captains of Newnham College Boat Club (NCBC), I also play netball, hockey, and badminton. I’ve extended my love of sports into journalism, writing for Junior Rowing News.


I’m a budding structural engineer, passionate about sustainable and accessible engineering. I’m also disabled students’ officer on the JCR, a university level tiddlywinks player and president of Newnham Craft Society. I absolutely love to knit, both following other people’s patterns and creating my own. I’m never found without at least one project on my person!


I enjoy getting involved with different societies and opportunities at Cambridge, alongside reading History. As part of the Telephone Campaign Team in 2021, it was interesting learning about the experiences of alumnae whilst they were at Cambridge, discussing the differences and similarities of experience, So, when I was invited back to join the 2022 Team, of course I accepted the opportunity!

I’m excited to discuss with more alumnae about their own experiences of Newnham and Cambridge traditions: memorable halls, quirky societies, the unique Newnham gardens, and more.


Hi! My name is Sarah Swift and I’m 2nd year HSPS student, specialising in Politics and International Relations. I’m chairing the Newnham Politics and Debating Society this year, and also do some writing for the Cambridge Tab. My favourite part of college is probably the view of the gardens from Peile!


My name is Zaynab and I am a second-year History student. Since starting Newnham, I have been lucky to join the University Equestrian Society as well as try rowing. I am very interested in fashion, literature and art – especially photography. Cambridge has given me a real outlet to explore this passion: my photography has been featured in Newnham News, on the college and University’s social media and I am now on the photography team for Varsity. I really look forward to learning about Newnham’s alumnae and talking to them about their hobbies and interests!