1972 Class Gift

Thank you for making a donation towards the 1972 Class Gift.

Every gift to the 1972 Class Gift, regardless of size, will make a real difference to the ability of College to support the next generation of students at Newnham.

Bursarial support helps to ensure that the brightest and best young women, regardless of background or means, feel able to study at Newnham and access one of the best educational opportunities in the world. Once here, the College’s ability to alleviate financial pressures is essential to enable all students to embrace fully and equally the opportunities available at Newnham and to achieve their individual dreams and potential.

As Newnham celebrates 150 pioneering years of excellence and opportunities for women, the class of 1972 has reached the golden milestone of fifty years since Matriculation. Commemoration provides alumnae from 1972 an opportunity to return to Cambridge to celebrate their lifelong connection to the College, meet old friends and remember how their time at Newnham has shaped their lives.

One of the College’s main aims over many years has been to extend these opportunities to students from the widest possible range of backgrounds. For over a decade there has been a tradition of the 50th Reunion alumnae raising funds for bursaries to support Newnham’s undergraduate students.