TEDxNewnham: The Day Itself

TEDxNewnham was a huge group effort. Click here to read the memories and thoughts of some of the people involved (coming soon), or scroll down to read about the day itself and to see some pictures.

TEDxNewnham was a massive undertaking: something that no Cambridge College had ever done before. The community licence that we were awarded by the TEDx organisation was key to our aims for the day: it meant that we had to involve all the parts of the community at Newnham College and, wider, from the Newnham village community too. Doing that meant that a huge range of different groups, places and people worked together to make the day a huge success.

Telling the story of the day itself is best done with pictures: click through the gallery below to see some snapshots of TEDxNewnham, and to read about the day as it unfolded…

We were also absolutely delighted by this beautiful video that Newnham graduate student Edith Julieta (Julie) Sarmiento Ponce (NC 2014) made to celebrate TEDxNewnham. Thank you so much, Julie!