Newnham Family Forum 2014: ‘Something In Between?’


‘Something In Between?’: Are you an Earth Mother or a Career Supremo?

Many of our alumnae feel that they are neither – or rather, that they fall somewhere in between the two extremes…

In 2013 the novelist and journalist Gill Hornby published a piece in the Times entitled ‘Motherland’, which explored the difficulties women face combining careers and family, and the often creative solutions they find. We welcomed Gill and a panel of speakers who talked about the various ways they have dealt with the ‘Motherland’ conundrum: from interrupted careers, second starts, and unplanned hiatus, to working in the community, volunteering, and working around families.

Gill Hornby, author and journalist:

Jeannie Dawkins, barrister to eco-campaigner:

Rachael Burcher, chemical engineer to community volunteer:

Serrie Meakins (NC 1976), travel consultant to sixth form head:

Rebecca Lawson, lawyer to environmental policy advisor:

Clare Atkins (NC 1972), history teacher to special needs specialist: