Videos: meet the researchers

Hear directly from some of our Fellows about their research

Women in Particle Physics  

Dr Maria Ubiali and Dr Tina Potter, particle physicists and Fellows of Newnham College, discuss their careers, their research, and their experiences as women and mothers in STEM. The discussion was chaired by astrophysicist Dr Rachael Padman, Fellow Emerita of Newnham. (25 min discussion, followed by Q&A)

Talking Climate Change – researchers and decision-makers

Discover the ways in which members of the Newnham community, including former students, are working to understand and address climate change.

Classicist Dr Carol Atack

Meet a member of the Newnham Fellowship, our research and teaching community. Classicist Dr Carol Atack discusses Plato’s Dialogues and the importance of the settings for the ideas discussed.

Literary scholar Dr Mathelinda Nabugodi

Dr Mathelinda Nabugodi, a scholar of literary and cultural history, explains her interest in Newnham College’s manuscript collection. In this video, she talks about German Romantic poet Luise Hensel and her circle.

Economist Dr Helen Bao

Dr Helen Bao, economist introduces her research into how people (and governments) can be encouraged to make better financial choices.