Current Junior Research Fellows

We currently have eight Junior Research Fellows in the Newnham College Fellowship.

Our Fellowships offer an opportunity for outstanding early-career researchers to carry out independent research in a stimulating and supportive academic community and to meet established researchers across a range of disciplines.

For details of current and future Fellowship opportunities, please see our Research Fellowships page.


Stephanie Adeyemo

Constance Work Research Fellow

Stephanie Adeyemo is an electrical engineer specialising in studying the properties of semiconductor nanomaterials using ultrafast spectroscopy for the development of optoelectronic devices.

Stephanie Adeyemo’s research page

Dr Ricarda Beckmann

Ruth Holt Research Fellow

Dr Ricarda Beckmann is a numerical astrophysicist and an expert in the link between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies across cosmic time. She uses large-scale simulations of the Universe to understand how supermassive black holes evolve and what role they play in the evolution of the universe we see around us today.

Dr Ricarda Beckmann’s research page

Dr Abbie Bradshaw

Amy Whiteley Research Fellow

Dr Abbie Bradshaw’s research is interested in the interactions between sensory (perception) and motor (production) processes for speech, at the behavioural and the brain level.

Dr Abbie Bradshaw’s research page

Dr Laura Caponetto

Sarah Smithson Research Fellow

Dr Laura Caponetto is a philosopher specialising in philosophy of language, feminist philosophy, and social philosophy.

Dr Laura Caponetto’s research page

Dr Meg Foster

Mary Bateson Research Fellow

Dr Meg Foster is an intersectional historian currently researching the connections between British highway robbery and the origins of Australian bushranging. She has experience working across race, class and gender histories as well as imperial, colonial, ethnographic and public histories and has published widely.

Dr Meg Foster’s research page

Dr Eloise Hamilton

Old Students’ Jubilee Research Fellow

Dr Eloise Hamilton is a pure mathematician working in the area of algebraic geometry, a field of mathematics which studies the geometry of solutions to polynomial equations. Her research focuses on classification problems in algebraic geometry, in particular on the construction and study of moduli spaces.

Dr Eloise Hamilton’s research page

Dr Hannah Lucas

Newby Trust Research Fellow

Dr Hannah Lucas is a literary scholar specialising in contemplative writing, the philosophy of religion, and wellbeing in medieval English literature. Dr Hannah Lucas investigates the impact of contemplative practice on wellbeing. She is particularly interested in contemplation as an everyday, in-the-world practice, stretching beyond peak experiences like divine visions or revelations.

Dr Hannah Lucas’ research page

Dr Liana Minkova

Kathleen Hughes Research Fellowship

Dr Liana Minkova’s postdoctoral research project explores the criminalization of environmental destruction in international law, focusing on the proposed new crime of ‘ecocide’. Her other research interests include the expressive power of international criminal justice, gender in international relations and international law, and theories of international organization.

Dr Liana Minkova’s research page