Who can apply?

Newnham requires all its applicants to hold a form of formal identification as female on a current passport, driving licence, birth certificate or gender recognition certificate. Any offer of a place will be subject to this requirement. If you hold other forms of identification as female, please contact Newnham College Admissions Office to discuss.

When making your initial application in October, if you apply directly to Newnham, the College will consider your application if you have selected the ‘Woman’, ‘I prefer not to say’ or ‘I use another term’ options in the gender section of your UCAS form; note that you will need to be able to meet Newnham’s identification requirements in order to take up a place at the College. All those who hold such female ID will be treated in the same way.

If you make an open application, you will be allocated to Newnham only if you have selected ‘Woman’ as your gender identity. At the pool stage, Newnham will also consider applications only from those who have declared their gender identity as ‘Woman.’

For more information, please refer to our FAQs.