Current Newnham Postgraduate Research

This page lists a selection of the current Postgraduate research being undertaken by students, divided by Faculty or Department.

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Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics

Veronica Pasquarella, PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Category theory, representation theory, and their application to gauge theories.

Tamara Evstafyeva, PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Tests of general relativity (GR) and modified theories of gravity, with particular interest in simulations of binary black hole mergers in these modified theories of gravity and the modelling of resulting gravitational waves.


Emilia Franklin, PhD in Biological Anthropology
Considering how epidemic disease influences demographic profiles, focusing on the assessment of survivorship and mortality profiles from skeletal assemblages from “plague pits”, medieval cemeteries from before the Black Death, and medieval parish cemeteries spanning the second plague pandemic.

Aman Kang, PhD in Archaeology
Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry (ZooMS): utilising new methods to unravel Neanderthal and AMH cognition from worked bone.

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Gabrielle Russo, PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
The representation of the Turkic military guard in ninth-century Arabic praise writing


Juliette Limozin, PhD at the MRC Biostatistics Unit
Developing statistical methodologies for causal inference in longitudinal settings, focusing on the multiple emulated target trial approach.

Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology

Nuzli Karam, PhD in Bioelectronics
Developing a novel three-dimensional electrode sensing array with tissue-like properties for the study of cerebral brain organoids.



Vaidehi Roy Chowdhury, PhD in Chemistry
Rational design of antibodies and antibody engineering to manipulate challenging protein targets in complex environments.

Michelle Wan, PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry
Research encompasses an interdisciplinary project which explores London air pollution exposure and human health, using machine learning techniques.


Cecily Bateman, PhD in Classics
The use of Classics by the Far-Right in Europe and America from 1945 to the present.

Christiane-Marie Cantwell, MPhil in Classics
The religious and cultural change of Roman Gaul, and interconnections within the Western Mediterranean during the mid to late Roman Empire.

Rhiannon Smith, PhD in Classics
Focus on Classical Linguistics, specialising in Latin female onomastics.

Clinical Neurosciences

Cécile Crapart, PhD in Clinical Neurosciences
Aiming to unravel the functional link between Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) morphology and the health of brain cells through an in-depth investigation of ER performance in calcium supplying powering neuronal and astroglia vital activities.


María José Arosemena Burbano, MPhil in Criminological Research
Intimate partner violence.



Xuyi Yang, MPhil in Economic Research
Public economics and urban economics; unemployment and mental health.


Julie Bailey, PhD in Education
Autistic students’ experiences of engagement with learning activities.

Lixinhao Gao (Aurora), PhD in Education
Multilingualism, psychological development and social justice.

Linh Nguyen, MPhil in Arts, Creativity and Education
Play-based learning in North American educational spaces, particularly in relation to indigenous land-based practices.


Wei Bi, PhD in Engineering
Flood resilience of transportation infrastructure under climate change.

Chisom Ifeobu, PhD in Engineering
Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations for Sustainable Development in Africa

Constanze Leeb, PhD in Engineering
Undertaking research in the Institute for Manufacturing in the Centre for Technology Management, focusing on digital tools (such as Artificial Intelligence) in decision-making processes in industries.


Juliette Bretan, PhD in English
Representations of Polish characters in Anglophone modernism, as well as cross-cultural collaboration between Britain and Poland in the first half of the 20th century.


Cat Watts, PhD in French
The ontology of the manuscript, translation imperii and American myth, Arthurian literature, countercultures in hagiographic transmission, resistance narratives, and trans-temporal and medium-agnostic legacy.



Isobel Akerman, PhD in History
Exploring the emergence of environmental thought within regional botanic gardens in post-war Britain, and considering how this affected change in their scientific research, institutional strategies and public education programmes.

Meg Roberts, PhD in History
Examining caregiving, health and disability during the American Revolutionary War

Latin American Studies

Tamara Zambiasi, MPhil in Latin American Studies
Examining inequality and public policies in Brazil, with a focus on hunger and food security.

Social Anthropology

Sally Montgomery, PhD in Social Anthropology
Environmental anthropology, environmental-grief and plastic pollution, conservation.


Jung Chen, PhD in Sociology
Queer reproduction in Taiwan, focusing on Taiwanese gay men who form families and make kinship via transnational surrogacy.

Elisabeth Sandler, PhD in Sociology
Exploring the coming and being out experiences of LGBTQA+ identifying Cambridge students and staff members, in order to generate action points to improve the lives of LGBTQA+ students and university employees within the UK and beyond.

Veterinary Medicine

Nina Krause, PhD in Biological Sciences
Translational approaches to infectious diseases, based around the development of a trivalent vaccine candidate against Marburg-, Ebola- and Lassa virus, evaluating vaccine candidates in different animal models in regards to immunogenicity and efficacy.