Resources for Schools

Both teachers and students may find the resources below helpful.

Teachers are also encouraged to read Newnham’s ‘Advice for Teachers’ Page, whilst prospective applicants may find our ‘Top Tips for Applicants’ helpful.

Please note – you may see paid services or resources online which offer Oxbridge application support. These services are NOT endorsed by the University of Cambridge and will not provide any information which is not already offered for free by the University and Colleges. All of the resources below are free to access – please email if you have any questions or would like further guidance.

The Cambridge Application Process (Year 12/13 or equivalent)

If you’ve decided to apply to Cambridge, but aren’t sure where to start, the resources below may prove helpful. They break down the different stages of the application process and examine each in detail. If you’d rather learn in a more interactive way, many Cambridge colleges run events focusing on the application process throughout the year – you can find out more about these events here.

Cambridge Undergraduate Application Process Video

Cambridge Undergraduate Study Website

#GoingtoCambridge YouTube Playlist


Super-Curricular Activities (Year 12/13 or equivalent)

Strong applicants to Cambridge and other competitive universities tend to have explored their chosen subject through wider reading outside the classroom, as well as doing very well in their GCSEs and A-levels. We call this sort of exploration ‘super-curricular’, as it builds on and enhances what you are studying in school. The websites linked below provide further information about super-curricular activities and some suggestions of resources for different subjects.

Beyond the Syllabus

Discover Downing


‘Resources’ section of Cambridge Undergraduate Study course pages

Staircase 12

Super-curricular suggestions document

Student Life at Cambridge (Year 12/13 or equivalent)

If you’d rather hear from our students themselves about what it is like to live and study at Cambridge, take a look at the resources below.

Cambridge students: In their own words

Newnham JCR website

Newnham Student Life video

Student Life YouTube Playlist

Post-16 Choices (Year 10/11 or equivalent)

Thinking about applying to a competitive university, but not sure what Post-16 qualifications will help you get there? Take a look at the resources below, which focus on making the right choices to support your future goals.

Russell Group Informed Choices

University of Cambridge: The Subject Matters

Introduction to Cambridge (Year 10/11 or equivalent)

Thinking about applying to Cambridge, or just curious to see what it’s all about? The resources below introduce the University of Cambridge, its courses and colleges. Don’t worry if the university initially seems confusing – you don’t need to understand it all at this stage!

Cambridge Explained page

Trinity College Outreach Hub: Thinking about Uni?

Cambridge Virtual Tour

Exploring University Subjects (Year 10/11 or equivalent)

Not sure what you want to study at university, or just want to learn more about your favourite subject? The resources below will help you explore a range of subjects, whether you’re already familiar with them or not.


University of Oxford Digital Resource Hub

Cambridge Festival Events on Demand