The Admissions Team

Please contact our friendly and approachable Admissions Team for advice on any aspect of applying to Newnham.

Picture of Sam Lucy

Dr Sam Lucy, Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

I’m responsible for the overall admissions process, with the help of Catherine and Holly. I also take part in many of the Arts and Social Science interviews. I’m an archaeologist specialising in late Roman and Anglo-Saxon burial and settlement, and remain an active researcher. Having been to a comprehensive school and a sixth-form college myself, I’m keen to make sure that prospective applicants have all the information they need to make a realistic application.

You can contact me at

Catherine Rowley, Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator

I coordinate the administrative aspect of the undergraduate admissions process, including answering questions from prospective applicants, receiving applications and scheduling interviews. I’m the key contact for applicants during the application cycle and my name will soon become familiar!

I also oversee Newnham’s outreach activities and work closely with the School Liaison and Outreach Officer on Open Days, school visits and other outreach events.

You can contact me at

Holly Nicholls, Schools Liaison & Outreach Officer

As Schools Liaison and Outreach Officer, I work with schools and teachers to create informative and engaging outreach events for their pupils. I’m a recent Cambridge graduate from a state school background, working to demystify higher education and raise aspirations across the board. I host school visits in schools around the UK, working particularly closely with our link areas (Birmingham, Walsall, Enfield, Redbridge, and Barking & Dagenham). I also welcome visits to Newnham with our student ambassadors to give a real-life insight into life at Cambridge.

You can contact me at

Geraldine McNulty, Undergraduate Academic Administrator

I work within the Tutorial and Admissions team helping both current students whilst they’re at Newnham as well as Newnham applicants during the application cycle.

I get to see the full circle of students making their application to Newnham right through to students graduating!