Virtual Tour

Before you come to Newnham in person, explore the virtual tour of our beautiful site.

The buildings and gardens of Newnham College are stunning – but more importantly, it’s a place where you can be yourself, whether that’s going to the fabulous library in your pyjamas or stepping up to a leadership role in College. This is where our students live and work, and where our Fellows teach and research.

This is a space for learning, research and teaching, and for friendship, support and challenge.


When Newnham was first founded, women weren’t allowed to use the main University library – so the women here built their own amazing space for learning and research. The result today is one of the best-stocked and most beautiful College libraries, and many of the famous writers who studied here gave a copy of their books.

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At ‘the College where you can walk on the grass’, Newnham’s huge gardens are for everyone. In summer, they’re filled with students relaxing with friends – but there’s always a quiet space to study outside. All our undergraduate students live on site, in these lovely buildings with huge windows looking out on the gardens.

(This tour was recorded in 2015, and so doesn’t include the newer Dorothy Garrod Building, where some students live.)

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Clough Hall

Clough Hall is a stunning space for students and Fellows to come together for celebratory occasions and for weekly ‘Formal Halls’ – optional, more formal, dinners with friends and guests. You’ll see photos celebrating our current Professors, alongside the oil paintings of past Principals and others.

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