As many undergraduates will be living away from home for the first time and the majority of our graduate students will be new to Cambridge, we want you to stay safe.

The government has produced a Student Survival Guide to help with this – we don’t want to worry you unnecessarily, as Cambridge is generally a very safe place, but it pays to take sensible precautions. Cambridge police have also asked us to draw your attention to this letter about personal safety. Newnham has a scheme whereby if you get stranded at night without cash, you can take a taxi back to the Porters’ Lodge, who can pay the taxi for you (the cost gets added on to your college bill).

Newnham is a very secure college – your University card allows you access through otherwise locked doors and into the bike sheds and mail pigeonholes, as well as the library. There are white ‘emergency’ phones throughout the college which will get you straight through to the porters (all are first-aiders). We have a robust Dignity at Work policy; you should go to your tutor immediately if anything is giving you cause for concern.