Financial Support

Studying at Cambridge is no more expensive than studying at other top universities in England, and we have one of the best bursary systems in the country. Our students can get support from both University and Newnham sources, ranging from book and travel grants, scholarships and prizes to hardship funds.

Newnham has its own bursary scheme and rent bursaries, which you can hold either separately from or in addition to Cambridge Bursaries.

Because we realise that money is often central to students’ worries, we have a dedicated Financial Tutor (for undergraduates) who can offer advice on all kinds of bursaries and grants. Postgraduate students should contact their Tutor, who can advise on the support available. If you are worried about money, or about having the resources you need to make the most of your Cambridge studies, talk to your Tutor sooner rather than later. You may be surprised at how much support is waiting for you.

Hardship funds are also available where circumstances change unexpectedly, and are used until regular support can be put in place.

Much of our funding for access work and student support and bursaries comes from past Newnhamites, who often choose to contribute to student support. Often this is a way for past Newnhamites to give back, after having received support as students themselves. As a result, we have very generous provision, including rent subsidies, college bursaries and other support.

Details of financial support is available for undergraduates and postgraduates.