The Sprint Programme: Personal Development at Newnham

Take time to support yourself and your personal development.

In usual years, Newnham runs the Sprint Development Programme. Since Lent Term 2021 is taking place online, this year we are running an alternative online course – Point of Difference. 

Point of Difference Personal Development Programme

A thought-provoking, interactive personal development course for Newnham students, supporting you both in these difficult times and throughout the years to come.

The tone of the programme is relaxed and informal; you can talk openly and honestly about anything from managing the fear of failure, to being more comfortable with dealing with change, to understanding your capabilities and motivations.

The sessions run from 7.30pm and will include a blend of theory, self reflection and small group discussions. You’ll also have the chance to hear from other inspirational women to help guide you in your personal development journey.

You can book for as many individual sessions as you like. As numbers are limited, we are asking for a deposit of £5 per session booked, which will be returned to you on your attendance at the session. Please speak to the Tutorial Office in confidence if this will present a difficulty.

Session 1 – Building and recognising your resilience and managing the fear of failure positively
Thursday 4th February 7.30pm (Session length 1.5-2hrs, depending on questions)

Uncertain periods in your studies, careers and a difficult job market can easily knock your confidence or cause uncomfortable feelings about what the future will hold. This session explores the topic of resilience and methods of how to use the ‘fear of failure’ positively to boost your confidence and to ensure you continue to strive forwards.

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Session 2 – Dealing with change in your lives and career – CANCELLED
Tuesday 9th February 7.30pm

We all experience change at different stages of our lives and careers. For some it might be at the beginning and the transition from being a student to being in a full-time job, for others it might be returning to work after a career break or experiencing change that is sprung upon you. This session helps you understand the impact of change with advice and tips to help you understand what is and isn’t within your control and how to act on it positively.

Session 3 – Understanding and identifying personal capabilities, talking about yourself and building self belief
Thursday 11th February 7.30pm (Session length 1.5-2hrs, depending on questions)

We’ll help you think about what to say when people and future employers ask you to introduce yourself, explain who you are and what you can bring to a future role without it feeling awkward or uncomfortable. This is an opportunity to take some time out from your busy schedule to pause, and identify your strengths and weaknesses with guidance to help you think about how you want to develop through your career.

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Session 4 – Identifying your motivations and values
Thursday 18th February 7.30pm (Session length 1.5-2hrs, depending on questions)

Our values and beliefs influence our decisions and this session aims to help you identify what drives you. This session is interactive and reflective in nature to help you start to explore what makes you who you are. It will help you to choose the right next steps for you that align to who you are by increasing your confidence in your decision-making.

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Session 5 – Live Guest Panel Q&A
Saturday 20th February 5.30pm – 7pm

A rare opportunity to get personal development advice and your questions answered in an interactive live session with guests from Newnham associates network. You’ll hear their ‘life’ and ‘career’ stories, understand the decisions they have made and learn from their experience. You can ask anything from their own university and industry experiences to how they may have moved countries or juggled work and family commitments. The session is informal and confidential in nature. You’ll have the chance to submit your questions during the live chat and you can keep your identity anonymous should you want to. Speakers TBC, but they will of course be fabulous.

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