Student Procedures and Guidance

This page include links to guidance and policies on academic matters, welfare and safeguarding.

Academic matters

  1. Conditions for Membership of the College
  2. Fitness to Study Notice and Procedure
  3. Requesting to change Tripos
  4. Worried about failure?
  5. Examination Failure Procedure (What happens if I fail?)
  6. Applying to the University for permission to intermit

Welfare and safeguarding

  1. Appropriate relationships between Senior Members and Students in the College setting
  2. Procedures for solving problems (complaints from students)
  3. Gender Recognition Policy
  4. Admissions Events – Code of Practice for Student Helpers (safeguarding younger visitors)
  5. Fitness to Study Notice and Procedure
  6. Harassment And Sexual Misconduct Policy
  7. Newnham Drugs Policy
  8. Alcohol Policy for students
  9. Emergency Contacts Policy
  10. Data Protection Policy – Health & Wellbeing
  11. Prevent Duty – the College’s responsibilities under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (Prevent duty) are incorporated into the relevant College Policies, and further information can be found on the University’s Prevent guidance website.

Please also see information on Dignity@Study