Before You Arrive

Starting university can be a little daunting, but at Newnham we have a supportive network in place to help you settle in.

Undergraduate Students

As soon as the UK exam results are published in August and your place is confirmed – fingers crossed! – you will receive an information pack from the Admissions Office containing lots of helpful reading matter to prepare you for coming to Cambridge. Things like financial information, medical forms, and an invitation to the College Feast. The pack may also contain a reading list if you haven’t received one earlier in the year, and/or a letter from your Director of Studies to welcome you to Newnham.

The JCR Freshers’ President is responsible for making you feel at home. She and her committee organise the College family scheme: every new student gets two “Mums” (second-year students) whose job it is to look after you, especially in your first few weeks. At least one will be doing your subject and can help with work-related advice; the other one may be doing the same or a different subject. They will write and introduce themselves to you shortly after your exam results come out. You’ve probably already been getting to know other offerholders and current students via the Facebook page for offerholders (set up by the JCR) and this means that you’ll have some ready-made friends even before you get here.

The Facebook page is a good place to ask any questions about practical matters such as ‘do I have to bring X?’ and about student life in general. If you have queries about your offer conditions or academic matters, please contact the Admissions Office – we’re here to help!

You will have found the Freshers’ Handbook in your information pack if this was sent to you by post, but international students can access it by clicking the link – you’ll need the secret password from the ‘Information for Freshers’ letter though! International freshers will also find lots of helpful tips in the iCUSU Freshers’ Guide and a Newnham International Freshers’ Handbook, written by our JCR International Officer.

Postgraduate Students

Once your place is confirmed by both Graduate Admissions (Student Registry) and Newnham College you will receive a confirmation email with information containing information on what you can do to prepare for your arrival in Cambridge. Things like accommodation availability, information forms, and an invitation to the Graduate Feast.

The MCR President and her team will organise a welcome programme for the first few weeks of Michaelmas term, so you can meet fellow graduate students, get to know the College and Cambridge.

The MCR also manage a Facebook page (Newnham College MCR) is a good place to ask any general questions about student life at Newnham.