Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering

Picture of Claire Barlow

Dr Claire Barlow

Materials Engineering

Dr Claire Barlow is a sustainability and materials engineer, with a particular interest in the end-of-life of products, their re-use and recycling.

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Picture of Barbara Blacklaws

Dr Barbara Blacklaws

Molecular Virology

Dr Barbara Blacklaws’ research focuses on immune responses to, and the pathogenesis of, persistent virus infections.

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Picture of Helen Firth

Prof Helen Firth FRCP

Clinical Genetics

Prof Helen Firth is a Consultant Clinical Geneticist at Cambridge University Hospitals. Her main research interests are in mapping of the clinical genome and the matching of rare genomic variants to empower discovery and diagnosis in rare disease.

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Dr Fulvio Forni


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Dr Thanuja Galhena

Electrical Engineering

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Picture of Fiona Gilbert

Prof Fiona Gilbert


Prof Fiona Gilbert is a radiologist who develops and identifies best practice in screening for breast cancer. Her work has the potential to significantly decrease breast cancer mortality.

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Picture of Susan Golombok

Prof Susan Golombok


Prof Susan Golombok is Director of the Centre for Family Research

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Prof Claire Hughes


Prof Claire Hughes is a developmental psychologist with a particular interest in children’s social relationships.

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Picture of Laura Itzhaki

Prof Laura Itzhaki


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Picture of Cath Lindon

Dr Catherine Lindon

Cell Biology

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Dr Jane MacDougall

Reproductive Medicine

Dr Jane MacDougall is a specialist in reproductive medicine with a focus on paediatric & adolescent gynaecology.

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Picture of Jenny Morton

Prof Jenny Morton


Prof Jenny Morton’s research focus is Huntington’s disease (HD), although she has an interest in all neurodegenerative diseases, especially those that cause cognitive, emotional or psychiatric decline.

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Professor Róisín M. Owens

Biology and Electronic Engineering

Professor Róisín M. Owens is a Multidisciplinary Scientist working at the interface of Biology and Electronic Engineering.

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Picture of Rachael Padman

Dr Rachael Padman


Dr Rachael Padman is an astrophysicist, and has a particular interest in the administration of the University.

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Prof Tina Potter


Prof Tina Potter is a physicist, focusing on the discovery of new physics beyond the Standard Model.

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Dr Sakthy Selvakumaran


Dr Sakthy Selvakumaran’s research interests focus on contributing toward more sustainable and resilient cities. She has particular expertise in using remote sensing (satellite monitoring) to understand its relevance, utilisation, and limitations to urban environments and civil engineering applications.

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Dr Barbara Skelly

Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Dr Barbara Skelly researches the molecular genetics of inherited diseases of dogs and cats.

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Picture of Liba Taub

Prof Liba Taub

History and Philosophy of Science

Prof Liba Taub is a historian of early science, particularly ancient Greek and Roman astronomy.

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Prof Maria Ubiali

Mathematics and Physics

Prof Maria Ubiali is a particle physicist with a passion for mathematics, based at Cambridge and CERN.

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Prof Christine Watson

Cellular and Molecular Pathology

Prof Christine Watson researches mammary gland development, seeking new treatments for breast cancer.

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Dr Cerian Webb

Mathematical Biology

Dr Cerian Webb is a mathematical biologist researching the dynamics of farm animal disease

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