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Photograph of Dr Christina Angelopoulos

Dr Christina Angelopoulos

Intellectual Property Law

Dr Christina Angelopoulos is a specialist in copyright law, with a particular focus on intermediary liability.

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Helen Bao

Prof Helen Bao

Land Economy

Prof Helen Bao researches the economics of real estate, and how people make sound financial decisions.

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Picture of Kate Fleet

Dr Kate Fleet

Ottoman Studies

Dr Kate Fleet is an economic and social historian of the Ottoman empire, and Director of the Skilliter Centre.

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Prof Kasia Jaszczolt


Prof Kasia Jaszczolt is a philosopher of language, interested in meaning in language, in the mind, and in conversation

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Prof Rae Langton


Prof Rae Langton is a philosopher, with a particular interest in speech, speech acts and social justice.

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Dr Sam Lucy


Dr Sam Lucy is an archaeologist of Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain, and Director of Admissions for both Newnham and the Cambridge colleges as a whole.

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Dr Janine Maegraith

Economic History

Dr Janine Maegraith is an economic historian researching the early modern history of Central Europe,

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Picture of Jenny Mander

Prof Jenny Mander

Modern and Medieval Languages: French

Prof Jenny Mander is a specialist in the cultural history of the eighteenth century, focusing on the movement of people and ideas.

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Picture of Emma Mawdsley

Prof Emma Mawdsley


Prof Emma Mawdsley is Director of the Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies and Vice Principal of Newnham.

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Dr Delphine Mordey


Dr Delphine Mordey researches music and political culture, focusing on the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Dr Chana Morgenstern


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Dr Mathelinda Nabugodi

Dr Mathelinda Nabugodi

English literature and translation

Dr Mathelinda Nabugodi is a literature scholar currently producing a ‘creative critical edition’ of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s notebooks – and exploring what a ‘creative critical edition’ is.

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Prof Yael Navaro

Social Anthropology

Prof Yael Navaro is a social anthropologist working in the area of politics, the state, and violence and its aftermath.

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Prof Judy Quinn

Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

Prof Judy Quinn is a specialist in Old Norse Literature, particulalry eddic and skaldic poetry

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Picture of Gabriela Ramos

Prof Gabriela Ramos

Latin American History

Prof Gabriela Ramos is a social and cultural historian of Latin America, particularly the Andean region

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Prof Felix Steffek


Prof Felix Steffek researches corporate finance law, corporate insolvency law and dispute resolution.

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Picture of Sheila Watts

Dr Sheila Watts

Modern and Medieval Languages: German

Dr Sheila Watts is a historical linguist, specialising in linguistic change in Germanic languages.

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