Professor Tina Potter


Fellow (A), College Lecturer, Director of Studies, Postgraduate Mentor

College Roles

  • Fellow (A)
  • College Lecturer in Physics
  • College Lecturer in Mathematics for Natural Sciences (Part I A)
  • Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical)
  • Postgraduate Mentor

University Roles

  • Professor of High Energy Physics




Professor Tina Potter is a physicist, focusing on the discovery of new physics beyond the Standard Model. 

Professor Tina Potter has been a University Lecturer in the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge since 2018. She was previously Early Careers Lecturer in the same department.

She studied for her MSci and PhD at Royal Holloway University of London, and took her first post as Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Sussex.

Research Interests

Dr Tina Potter’s research interests lie in the discovery of new physics beyond the Standard Model. She explains

“I want to know what makes up 85% of the matter in our universe — the as-yet unexplained Dark Matter.

I am searching for signs of new particles that may briefly form in the high energy proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider. The lack of a discovery to date tells us that any new physics may not be easy to find; whether Dark Matter itself, or other new particles which decay to Dark Matter, the possible signatures of new particle production can be complex and difficult to pick out of the abundant Standard Model processes.

My research focuses on the design of novel and sensitive searches for new physics, such as supersymmetry, using the ATLAS detector. Supersymmetry offers a potential solution by introducing many new particles, the lightest of which is an excellent dark matter candidate. I push the sensitivity of our searches for supersymmetry and new physics in general, with the ultimate goal of a discovery of a new particle that will help us understand the composition of our universe.”

Her research also involves understanding the potential for the discovery or characterisation of new physics scenarios at future colliders.

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