Dr Stephanie Adeyemo

BEng (Swansea), PhD (Cantab)

Fellow (B)

College Roles

  • Constance Work Research Fellow (B)


Email: soa24@cam.ac.uk


Dr Stephanie Adeyemo is an electrical engineer specialising in studying the properties of semiconductor nanomaterials using ultrafast spectroscopy for the development of optoelectronic devices.

Stephanie studied Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Swansea University, before moving for her PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Cambridge with an EPSRC International Doctoral Scholarship. Stephanie was awarded the IET Postgraduate Research Prize to recognise excellence in her doctoral research.

Stephanie is currently a Sciences Research Fellow at Newnham College and the Electrical Engineering Division at the Department of Engineering.

Research Interests

Stephanie’s research focuses on developing future terahertz devices highly sensitive to the full polarization state of a terahertz wave which enables a variety of applications including pharmaceutical and high speed communication. In addition, she aims to exploit the properties of novel one-dimensional materials as active materials for these terahertz devices.