Dr Sam Lucy

BA (Nottingham), PhD (Cantab), FSA

Fellow (A), Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Deputy Senior Tutor, Director of Studies, Assistant Tutor, Postgraduate Mentor

College Roles

  • Fellow (A)
  • Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
  • Deputy Senior Tutor
  • Financial Tutor
  • Director of Studies (Foundation Year, and for 2023-24 Acting for Archaeology/BioAnth)
  • Assistant Tutor (Undergraduates)
  • Postgraduate Mentor


Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 335797

Email: sjl18@cam.ac.uk


Dr Sam Lucy is an archaeologist of Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain, and Director of Admissions for both Newnham and the Cambridge colleges as a whole.

After completing a PhD at Newnham, Sam held a lectureship at Durham University for nine years, before returning to a full-time research role at the Cambridge Archaeological Unit in 2004, and then taking up the post of Undergraduate Admissions Tutor in 2009.

Research Interests

Specialising particularly in funerary archaeology and key periods of transition in the fourth to seventh centuries AD, she is currently working on a number of publications, including the Anglo-Saxon royal cemetery at Bamburgh, Northumberland and the Roman and Anglo-Saxon sites at Babraham in Cambridgeshire.

Her major publications include:

Evans, C., Lucy, S. and Patten, R. (2018) Riversides: Neolithic Barrows, a Beaker Grave, Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon Burials and Settlement at Trumpington, Cambridge. (Cambridge Archaeological Unit Landscape Archives Series New Archaeologies of the Cambridge Region Series 2). Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

Lucy, S. J., & Evans, C., with R. Jefferies, G. Appleby and C. Going (2016). Romano-British Settlement and Cemeteries. Mucking Excavations by Margaret and Tom Jones 1965–1978. (CAU Landscape Archives Series: Historiography and Fieldwork No. 3/Mucking 5). Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Evans, C., Appleby, G. and Lucy, S, with Appleby, J. and Brudenell, M. (2015). Lives in Land – Mucking Excavations by Margaret and Tom Jones, 1965–1978: Prehistory, Context and Summary. CAU Landscape Archives Series.

Hills, C. and Lucy, S. (2013) The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Spong Hill, Norfolk: Chronology and Synthesis. Cambridge, McDonald Institute Monograph.

Lucy, S., Tipper, J. and Dickens, A. (2009) The Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Cemetery at Bloodmoor Hill, Carlton Colville, Suffolk. East Anglian Archaeology Monograph 131.

Lucy, S., Newman, R., Dodwell, N. and Hills, C. et al. (2009) ‘Burial of a princess? The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Westfield Farm, Ely’. The Antiquaries Journal 89, 81–141.

Diaz-Andreu, M., Lucy, S., Babic, S. and Edwards, D. (2005) The Archaeology of Identity. Routledge.

Lucy, S. and Reynolds, A. (eds) (2002) Burial in Early Medieval England and Wales, Society for Medieval Archaeology Monograph 17.

Lucy, S. (2000) The Anglo-Saxon Way of Death (Stroud, Sutton Publishing).