Dr Milena Ivanova

BSc (Athens), MA (Athens), PhD (Bristol)

Director of Studies, Assistant Tutor

Milena Ivanova

College Roles

  • Director of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
  • Assistant Tutor (Undergraduates)


Email: mi342@cam.ac.uk

Milena Ivanova


Dr Milena Ivanova is a philosopher specialising in the aesthetics of science. She studied History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Athens, before moving for her PhD to the University of Bristol. There she was awarded a fellowship from the British Society for Philosophy of Science as well as Royal Institute for Philosophy Jacobsen Fellowship. Since the completion of her doctorate, Dr Ivanova lectured at the University of Sydney and held a postdoctoral fellowship at LMU Munich. Currently she is based at the Department for History and Philosophy of Science.

Research Interests

Dr Ivanova is working on a project on scientific experimentation, investigating how aesthetic values enter in the construction, evaluation and reception of experiments. She is the author of Duhem and Holism, published with Cambridge University Press, which explores how scientists learn from experiment. She has also co-edited The Aesthetics of Science: Beauty, Imagination and Understanding, published in 2020, and The Aesthetics of Scientific Experiments, published in 2023, by Routledge.