Dr Letizia Mortara

Laurea, Diploma di Maturita’ Scientifica (Bologna), BSc (Bologna), PhD (Cranfield)

Fellow (D), Director of Studies, Postgraduate Mentor

College Roles

  • Fellow (D)
  • Director of Studies in Engineering Manufacturing (ET)
  • Postgraduate Mentor

University Roles

  • Associate Professor at the Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering


Email: lm367@cam.ac.uk


Letizia Mortara is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering. She is also an Associate Editor for the R&D Management journal and leads the R&D Management conference Office. Letizia’s research focuses on Technological Decision Making with the aim to improve organisational response to fast-changing technological and innovation contexts, and propose management tools and approaches that can support the taking of such decisions. In particular, she concentrates on three areas of work:.

  • Cognition in Technology Management. How do managers cognitively respond to different technology management approaches for highly uncertain scenarios?
  • Decision-making strategies for technology emergence.  How do firms adapt their businesses to face fast-changing environments? Which approaches are more successful in the long term?  How do organisations learn from their decisions?
  • Cross-organisational strategies for societal impact. Many societal problems of today require trans-organizational decision-making. Collaborative approaches such as Open Innovation might be pivotal in resolving the more systemic of societal problems. How do Open Innovation approaches enable the achievement of societal impact?