Kieran Lee Marshall

Special Supervisor

Kieran Marshall

College Roles

  • Special Supervisor in Law



Kieran Marshall


Kieran Lee Marshall is a Lecturer in Law (Assistant Professor in Law) at the School of Law, University of Reading (January 2020-present, full-time). Alongside his role at Reading, he remains a College Lecturer and Supervisor the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge (October 2019-present, part-time) and Special Supervisor in Law at Newnham College.

Prior to joining the University of Cambridge and Reading, Kieran Lee was a Teaching Fellow in Law at The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London (2017-2019), before which he was a Tutor and Researcher in Law at Durham Law School, University of Durham (2014-2017). Upon joining King’s College London, he was retained as a Visiting Lecturer and Researcher in Law at Durham (2017-2020). Since 2020, he has annually served, in a visiting capacity, as a Faculty Lecturer and Professor in Law at the Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft, Freie Universität Berlin, having earlier served as the penultimate Erasmus Lecturer and Professor in Law at the Faculty (2019-2020).

Research Interests

By way of research, Kieran Lee is a private law scholar. His research interests lie primarily in the fields of professional regulation, discipline, liability, and employment law and professional ethics. Other interests include commercial and corporate law; chancery and private client law; sustainability and environmental law; food and waste law; animal rights and welfare law, jurisprudence, and socio-legal studies.

Kieran Lee is experienced in teaching three core subjects, namely the law of property (Reading, Cambridge, King’s and Durham); equity and trusts (Reading, Cambridge, King’s and Durham), and employment/labour (Reading, Durham and FU Berlin), covering undergraduate and postgraduate modules. He previously taught the law of tort (Birkbeck) (as a postgraduate) and legal systems and methods (England and Wales and comparative) (Birkbeck and FU Berlin, as a postgraduate and professor). He supervises LLMs in commercial and private law (Reading) and acts as a Supervision Monitor/Secondary Supervisor for PhDs (Reading), having previously acted as a Finishing Supervisor and Tutor for MJur/PhD candidates (Durham).