Professor Emma Mawdsley

MA (Cantab), PhD (Cantab)

Fellow (C), Director of the Margaret Anstee Centre, College Lecturer, Director of Studies, Postgraduate Mentor

Picture of Emma Mawdsley

College Roles

  • Professorial Fellow (C)
  • Director of the Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies
  • College Lecturer in Geography
  • Director of Studies in Geography (LT)
  • Postgraduate Mentor
  • Senior Treasurer of the Boat Club

University Roles

  • Professor of Human Geography


Telephone: 01223 333365


Picture of Emma Mawdsley


Prof Emma Mawdsley is Director of the Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies.

Prof Emma Mawdsley studied for her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at St John’s College, Cambridge. She became Lecturer at the Department of Geography, Durham University, and then Senior Lecturer, at the Department of Geography, Birkbeck College. Since 2006, she has been based at the Department of Geography at Cambridge University, where she has been Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and now Professor.

In May 2021 Prof Emma Mawdsley was awarded the Royal Geographical Society’s prestigious Busk Medal, “for exceptional engagements with fieldwork, research and knowledge production about the global South”.

Research Interests

Emma’s current research focuses on global development politics. She is leading an FCDO funded project on India’s role as a development provider, and UK-India partnerships (; and is the Principal Investigator on a substantial ESRC project (2021-2024) on the for-profit development sector, focussing on consultants and contractors in the development sector. She is also interested in the role of ‘hope’ in teaching Geography at University, and in 2021 was awarded the Ray Y Gildea Jr grant by the Royal Geographical Society to support this.