Dr Rowena Brugge

MChem, PhD

Postdoctoral Affiliate

College Roles

  • Postdoctoral Affiliate

University Roles

  • Research Associate, Department of Chemistry


Email: rb939@cam.ac.uk


Dr Rowena Brugge is a materials chemist focusing on understanding and developing battery materials.

Rowena studied chemistry at the University of Oxford, before moving for her PhD at the Department of Materials at Imperial College London. Dr Brugge was awarded the John Kilner Thesis prize in Energy Materials for her PhD, which examined the properties of materials and interfaces in all-solid-state batteries.

Currently, Rowena is a research associate in the Department of Chemistry, as well as a scientist at the high-power lithium-ion battery start-up, Nyobolt Ltd.

Research Interests

Dr Rowena Brugge is currently researching the fundamental properties of battery materials to better understand why and how they behave under certain conditions, to successfully implement high performing batteries into real-world devices. One such example is studying structure-property relationships, for example, the role that defects play in enabling or preventing long term cycling. Because the materials found in batteries are operating far from their equilibrium, they tend to be unstable, and this leads to degradation. Rowena’s research seeks to understand these degradation mechanisms such that more robust, better performing batteries that have enhanced longevity can be developed, to support a more sustainable future.