Dr Judith Farman

MEng, PhD

Postdoctoral Affiliate

College Roles

  • Postdoctoral Affiliate

University Roles

  • Research Associate, Whittle Laboratory


Email: jrf55@cam.ac.uk


Dr Judith Farman was an undergraduate at the University of Durham where she studied General Engineering, specialising in Electronics and Control. She worked in industry for ten years on a range of products including gas turbines, earth moving equipment and wave energy turbines. Her work has included most steps of the design cycle from initial concept design through to commissioning and testing. She obtained Chartered status in 2010 from the Institute of Engineering and Technology. While continuing her work in industry she undertook a PhD at Cranfield University. Her PhD research focused on modelling the behaviour of wave energy devices and developing suitable control strategies for optimal power extraction. She has been a researcher at the Whittle Laboratory, University of Cambridge, since 2014. Her research has included the development of load shedding devices for tidal stream turbines; developing data acquisition systems for rotating machinery; and aero-engine compressor bleed design.

Research Interests

Dr Farman currently has two projects in progress.  The first is on the compressors used in jet engines, where the drive for efficiency must be tempered by the need to produce a robust, reliable engine.  Dr Farman’s research focusses on identifying the most effective means of extracting engine-damaging solid or liquid particles from the intake air stream whilst minimising the adverse effects on overall engine efficiency.  The second project relates to zero carbon flight, a topic which is gaining much prominence in the media.  The work investigates the aerodynamics of electrically-driven ducted fans for use in future zero carbon aircraft.  Once again, efficiency (as well as light weight design) is the principle research goal as it is critical in mitigating the limitations of battery technologies.