Dr Alexia Cardona

BSc (Malta), MSc (Edinburgh), PhD (Cantab)

Assistant Tutor, Postgraduate Mentor

Alexia Cardona

College Roles

  • Assistant Tutor (Undergraduates)
  • Postgraduate Mentor


Email: ac812@cam.ac.uk

Alexia Cardona


Dr Alexia Cardona is a Training Lead in the fields of Data Science, Data Management and Bioinformatics. She has set up and now leads the Data Science and Data Management Training Programme at the University of Cambridge as part of the Bioinformatics Training Programme. Alexia joined Newnham College in 2011 as a PhD student and since then involved herself in different groups and activities in College. She builds on her background in Software Engineering and Research to educate and create awareness for FAIR coding and data. She is a leader in ELIXIR, an international intergovernmental organisation that brings together life science resources from across Europe, where together with the other leaders and partners drives the establishment of high-quality training for the Life Science Researchers. Dr Cardona is an advocate of participation in Communities of Practice and of women in leading and computational sectors which are currently underrepresented.

“I joined Newnham in 2011 as a PhD student. Since then, Newnham gave me the opportunity to be involved in Committees and other activities in College, working closely with students and postdocs which were immensely helpful in my academic and personal development”.  Alexia Cardona

Research Interests

Alexia’s research interests focus on teaching and learning in the areas of data science, reproducibility, and Bioinformatics. Alexia is the Course Organiser for the NST Part II BBS Bioinformatics course at the University of Cambridge and a lecturer in the NST Part IB Mathematical and Computational Biology. Her role involves the management of the different aspects of training including design, development, coordination and teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Her most popular courses at the University include Introduction to Programming, Data Manipulation and Visualisation and Reproducible Research.  

She is a Principal Investigator on the EC funded project for the development of learning paths  and a co-Investigator in the development of training and capacity building in Data Management across Europe.