Dr Ayesha Siddiqi

BSc (Lahore), MA (Sussex), PhD (KCL)


College Roles

  • Bye-Fellow

University Roles

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Geography


Email: as3017@cam.ac.uk


Dr Ayesha Siddiqi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography since January 2020, having previously been Senior Lecturer at Royal Holloway University of London. She has an interdisciplinary background, starting (academic) life in Economics, moving to Development Studies and eventually being awarded a PhD in War Studies and Geography at King’s College London. Dr Siddiqi grew up in Karachi and feels most at home in sprawling, slightly chaotic, large cities in the Global South.

Research Interests

Dr Ayesha Siddiqi works on postcolonial geographies of risks and hazards. Her most recent research is an interdisciplinary project between geography, history and hydrology that is looking at the ways people living through El Nino related flooding, on the north coast of Peru, understand and conceptualise risk. Previous projects have included working on landslides in Columbia, typhoons in the Philippines and flooding in Pakistan.