Andy Ward


College Roles

  • Gardener


Telephone: 01223 335777


A popular member staff and a key part of the Garden Team, Andy Ward has been with us now for more than 20 years, joining after an apprenticeship with the City Council. Andy is a quiet unassuming person who gets on with his work and enjoys what he does. He is very much behind all the tubs and planters that adorn the Porters’ Lodge and the Garden Doors as well as the hanging baskets. He plays a lead role in looking after the herbaceous borders and the work in the glasshouses propagating and growing much of what we need. After a hard day in the garden Andy heads of home to tend to his many tanks of tropical fish. He is a keen fish breeder and uses the young to offset the cost of feeding and looking after them. If you are in College please stop and chat to Andy picking his brain on both subjects…He’ll love it.