Dr Adam Pellegrini

BA (Colgate), MA (Princeton), PhD (Princeton)

College Lecturer, Director of Studies, Postgraduate Mentor

College Roles

  • College Lecturer in Natural Sciences Biological
  • Director of Studies in Natural Sciences Biological (Part IB)
  • Postgraduate Mentor

University Roles

  • Associate Professor in Plant Sciences


Email: ap2188@cam.ac.uk

Research Interests

How do ecosystems respond to changes in disturbance regimes, such as fire suppression in naturally burning savannas, or more frequent burning in forests that only burned periodically? What fundamental processes govern the responses of ecosystems to these changes, such as the role of soil properties and plant community composition? These are some of the questions that our lab seeks to understand. We ground our work in experimental research, taking advantage of the diverse sets of fire manipulation experiments across the globe combined with the advances in ecosystem models.

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