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Student Life at Newnham College

Thinking of studying at Cambridge University? Find out about Newnham College and hear from current students about their experiences about what they value about their time here.

Newnham: What It Means To Us

In this student-made video, hear from current and past students and staff about what Newnham means to them, and when we’re at our best.

What does it mean to be a part of Newnham today: A Postgraduate Perspective

Postgraduate students are at the heart of Newnham’s excellence in research and education. An international group of postgraduates share their experience of Newnham in this video.

Wildlife photography at Newnham

Former Newnham maintenance man turned photographer-extraordinaire Darren Knight shows us how to best capture some of the incredible wildlife to be found in our College gardens.

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To Newnham and Beyond: Four Principals in Conversation

In a very special opening event for our 150th Anniversary Festival of Arts, Science and Ideas, Baroness Onora O’Neill, Dame Patricia Hodgson (NC 1965), Dame Carol Black and Alison Rose (NC 1980) talk about their lives before, during and after Newnham, with their joint experience spanning 30 years of College history.

One of Newnham’s Most Successful Rowers Tells her Story

In another talk from the 150th Festival, Anna Watkins (NC 2001) tells the story of her rowing career, from her memories of arriving at Newnham never having picked up an oar, to winning her Olympic gold medal in 2012. Anna shares how she adjusted from the fun of bumps to the tough elite training environment of British rowing. Race footage: IOC/BBC.

In Conversation: Newnham’s Architecture

Kathryn Ferry (NC 1995) and Country Life’s John Goodall take a virtual tour of the College, discussing the origins of the Queen Anne style and its evolution at Newnham from Old Hall to Peile and everything in between. They will place Newnham’s buildings in their historic context, comparing them with the more formal buildings of Girton and exploring links to London Board Schools and the Arts and Crafts Movement. They will explain why the decorative focus is on the gardens, leaving the street fronts to give but a poor impression of the delights within, and look at how the college has evolved into the twenty-first century by respecting the artistic vision of Champney and the college founders.


150 Years: A Perspective with Gill Sutherland

As principal editor of the second Newnham anthology, Walking on the Grass, Dancing in the Corridors: Newnham at 150, Dr Gill Sutherland explores the factors that enabled the small domestic enterprise of the 1870s, resembling a school, to become an established institution for the higher education of women.

Marin Alsop & Sandi Toksvig In Conversation

Honorary Fellows, conductor Marin Alsop and broadcaster Sandi Toksvig have a lively discussion on music, comedy and their careers in these historically male dominated fields.