Triumphs for Newnham College Boat Club at the May Bumps

Boat rowing towards the viewer on a river

In a mixture of blistering heat and suddenly dropping temperatures, Newnham’s three boats rowed with dedication and commitment. And the 1st VIII were amply rewarded, retaining their title as Head of the River. This, of course, makes it another year of double Headship, following equal success in the Lent Bumps.

2nd VIII retained their place as highest W2 boat, above many W1s. They rowed over on the first day, bumped Darwin W1 on the second, and then rowed over for the third and fourth days, very nearly bumping Kings over the line!

Newnham’s 3rd VIII rowed over strongly for three days, before being bumped by an unstoppable Pembroke W3, who received blades.

The Cambridge Independent described Newnham’s 1st VIII as ‘faultless’, ‘unstoppable’ and ‘peerless’. They rowed over each day, though the boats in the top four changed repeatedly, with Jesus W1 dropping down from 2nd place to 5th. Meanwhile, Caius W1 saw a successful year, moving up from 4th to 2nd. Master of Caius and Newnham alumna Pippa Rogerson tweeted, “They rowed magnificently! I felt divided loyalties as they left Caius W1 several lengths behind.”

Alumnae from across the years met to cheer the crews on, although miserable weather prevented the planned alumnae picnic.

Congratulations to NCBC on a remarkable year of rowing!