The recorded sessions from the 150th Anniversary Virtual Festival now available

Exciting news! The recorded sessions from the 150th Anniversary Virtual Festival are now available until 3 August online to view at your leisure. Explore, rediscover, catch up and review the weekend here:


A sample of what’s available is ‘Women in Particle Physics’ which sees two impressive particle physicists Dr Tina Potter and Dr Maria Ubiali offer us mind-boggling insights into the potential of this field. Consider that we have only collected around 5% of all the data accessible over the lifetime of the Large Hadron Collider so far and Dr Potter’s exclamation that “We are on the brink of a new discovery in dark matter”. The possibilities are literally limitless. Much like we tell our students!


And then there was the the lively conversation between Jill Nicholls of legendary publication Spare Rib, writer Rebecca Abrams, and The Women’s Press editor, Sarah LeFanu sharing their stories about feminist publishing in the male-dominated era of the 70s and 80s. Dr Clare Barlow gives us a powerful insight into why kneejerk solutions to climate change can be actively harmful, taking us through the carbon costs and benefits of food packaging and plastic bags;  Carolin Crawford exploration of the milky way looks at its astonishing beauty & the dark matter that holds it together; female titans of the business world explore values in the context of the workplace; and four Principals past and present discuss their unique challenges and visions for Newnham’s future. And so much more!


We hope you enjoy catching up with the sessions, and we look forward to seeing you at the Live Festival in 2022.