Rowers hold their own in stormy Lent Bumps

Lent Bumps

Four of our crews took on the flooded Cam at Lent Bumps and put on a storming performance. With 1.5 days cancelled due to high winds and flooding, rain, sleet and snow, it certainly was chaotic.

We’re so proud to be one of only two colleges to have four women’s boats racing in bumps, the first time since 2005. The 4th VIII rowed over the three days they raced.

In a very competitive division, our 3rd VIII held their own against 1st, 2nd and 3rd boats from other colleges. They were bumped by Trinity Hall W2 and Queens W3 before the rest of their racing was cancelled, denying them a chance to bump back up.

The 2nds bumped Emmanuel W2 and Robinson W1 to finish as the top W2 boat on the river, an amazing achievement! The 1sts left everything out on the water and many on the bank commented that we had the best technique of any crew, but unfortunately Jesus and Emmanuel were just too strong and we finished 3rd on the river.

NCBC captains, Becca Sproston and Emma Brightman, said: “We’re so proud of all of our crews who raced last week. Thank you to all the support from the bank and we can’t wait to see what Mays brings for us.”