Planting the first tree of our Global Tree Planting Project

Planting The First 150th Tree March 2021

Trees matter. They keep us (and the planet) cool, they buttress ecosystems, and they lift our hearts.

It’s not just the great rainforests of the Amazon and the Congo that count. Our own urban trees make a tremendous difference. That’s why, as part of our 150th Anniversary celebrations, we hope that Newnham members will plant 150 trees across the world.

Alison Rose, Principal of Newnham, and student Lily Hands, of the Garden Club, planted the first tree in our Global Tree Planting Project on 1st March 2021.

Marking the start of Newnham Green Week, the Italian Stone Pine was planted in the garden behind The Pightle. This area, beside the College allotments, is going to become a new permaculture garden, designed together by students and the College’s expert horticultural staff.

Lily Hands explained, “This Pinus pinea is going to form the first tree of an edible food forest. It produces edible pine nuts and we’re looking forward to planting a lot more fruit trees in this section of the garden, partly from grafts from trees existing in the college grounds. There’s a lot to look forward to in the next couple of years.”

In the words of Roll President Jo Burch, “We thought that a worldwide Tree Planting project could be a joyful way of not only of connecting existing alumnae (and alumnae groups) around the world, but also giving a sense of planting greenness, shade, and beauty for future generations of Newnhamites. There’s a lovely Ancient Greek proverb which says, ‘Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit under’.”

While it may be a while before our Pinus pinea casts a shade (and we may have to battle squirrels for the delicious nuts), it’s a pleasure to think of the generations of Newnham members who will relax beneath it.

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