Newnham works with AccessAble to offer full accessibility information

Want to know details of hearing loops, walking distances, parking facilities and more – here at Newnham and when visiting other Colleges and Departments? 

The University and 16 colleges, including Newnham, have worked with disability access website AccessAble to create Detailed Access Guides to teaching/meeting spaces and routes across the city.

For all our our public spaces, AccessAble offers photographs, brief accessibility summaries, and detailed guides on how to access and use the facilities around that room.  We hope that event organisers will use the website in their planning, and share it with their attendees.

AccessAble founder, Dr Gregory Burke, explained why working with Cambridge was so important to him:

“The launch of the Detailed Access Guides to these 16 Cambridge colleges is very personal to me. As a disabled applicant 30 years ago, I wanted to know, before I applied, what college was going to be accessible to my own individual requirements. As I student I wanted to know which colleges I could visit for supervisions and for fun! Going to Cambridge changed my life immeasurably for the better. I want every disabled person who would otherwise be put off from applying – for the want of access information – to now have the confidence to make that application; and then come and thoroughly enjoy their time.”

See the Newnham AccessAble guide